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A range of quality bathroom designs

Here at Plumb It we pride ourselves in the range of different bathroom designs we offer. This means that no matter what type of bathroom you are looking for, we will be able to satisfy your requirements in our extensive range. Come visit our showroom to find your bathroom today.

A range of bathtubs and showers

At Plumb It you will find a massive range of bathtubs and showers. We understand every individual has their own preference so we offer it all. At our showroom you will find standard baths, freestanding baths, shower baths and a range of different showers in all types of designs.

A range of toilets and basins

In our showroom at Plumb It we hold a range of different toilets and basins. You can find hanging, comfort height or traditional toilets and a range of different matching basins.

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Many more bathroom designs,
as well as tiles and plumbing equipment.

Units 1 - 4 Leeside Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0SG

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